The NO2AV Campaigners Don't Like Free Speech or Debate

April 11, 2011 - 01:14

It's getting closer to the AV referendum next month and both the Yes and No camps are campaigning vigorously. The official No campaign is more interested in scaring or misleading voters (those links are just two of the many examples). One other interesting tactic is the lack of free-speech or debate that the offical no compaign are allowing on their blog and the officialno2av youtube channel. Comments are either disabled, rejected, or deleted.

For example, look at this video which was being passed around on twitter yesterday. Comments are disabled - but they weren't originally. Checkout the screenshots below that I took before the comments were disabled. 

The first result, when searching for "alternative vote" on youtube, is the officialno2av video which lies about the cost of saying 'yes' - this is a promoted video and therefore appears as the first result. Comments are disabled for this video so it's not possible to comment on how misleading the claims are.

Try commenting on their blog too - you'll be lucky to have your comment approved.



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