James HamiltonMy name is James Hamilton. I'm currently travelling the world, until further notice! You can follow my travels over on Instagram.

I was a software developer working as a Senior Research Fellow for CERN in the Industrial Controls and Safety Group and I previously worked for a company called DICT8, developing their outsourced medical transcription system.

I received my PhD, with a thesis titled Dependence Communities in Source Code, from the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2013. My research involved software analysis and the modelling of software as complex networks; this has applications in areas such as software maintenance and software watermarking. I was supervised by Dr Sebastian Danicic. I previously obtained First Class Honours in MSci Computer Science degree at GoldsmithsUniversity of London - a combined BSc Computer Science and a research based masters degree in which the primary research project was Static Source Code Analysis Tools and their Application to the Detection of Plagiarism in Java Programs.

I have previously taught part-time at Lewisham College on the Foundation Degree in Business & IT which is run in partnership with Greenwich University. I have also done freelance web and mobile app development work and acted as an expert witness in a software watermarking patent case.

I have been interested in computing since I was young starting out with old computers obtained from car-boot sales - my first computer was an Amstrad CPC464.